Who we are


Freddie and Matt are two friends who grew up in Taunton, at the heart of cider county Somerset. They took over Tricky Cider at the start of 2018 from Steve Watkins to continue building the business founded in 2004. Cider making and cider drinking has been a way of life in Somerset for hundreds of years, and this remains true for people growing up in Somerset today. Both Freddie and Matt were brought up around cider, pressing apples and widely experimenting with home cider making in the past. Now, combined with Steve's expertise and guidance they are proud to become the next generation of Tricky Cider.

Forgotten Somerset Orchards

All over Somerset traditional cider apple orchards are in decline. We want to do what we can to help them survive by using the apples instead of allowing them to rot on the ground. Over the winter we work with owners to maintain the orchard and replant where old trees have fallen. Often these orchards are overlooked by some of the large cider makers as the apples are hard to collect and yields may be low. For us however, this is the perfect opportunity to create a unique cider from each orchard, and produce a wide range which will change depending on the fruit available each year. Every cider has it’s source, we think you should know exactly where your cider has come from, and which orchard you are helping when you drink it!


Whole Apple Cider


At Tricky we believe that real craft cider is not getting the recognition it deserves, unlike the majority of mass produced ciders available today, our cider is made from apples, not concentrate and blended in small batches. We call it whole apple cider and we want you to know the difference. A whole apple cider brings you the best possible quality, made only with apples and without additives or flavourings.


Support Local


We want to support local businesses and charities, wherever possible we use local suppliers.

We know our product can help bring people together, we want to enjoy ourselves and bring the fun of cider to as many people as possible.


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