Cider is go

It’s all about to get very busy here at Tricky Cider. The month of May is apon us and with it the start of the festival and show season. It’s looking like a busy summer with us out at an even most weekend now until the end of August, starting this coming weekend with the Ciderthon in Taunton, and the Exmoor offroad skuffle.

Freddie and I have been working flat out to make sure everything is ready, as really this is our first proper year selling our own cider. Another 3000L has made it’s way into IBC’s this week. We generally pour striaght from the IBC and use CO2 to backfill the tanks as they empty. We hope this will help keep the cider fresh right to the last drop, helpful as we have 4 different types of cider on the go at the same time. We’re working on our new pasturising tank as well, soon we hope to be able to do 400L batches which will make all the difference, it will be a major step up from our current 40L tea urn!

The new labels have finally made it to the printers this week, after a couple of months designing, spotting mistakes and generally trying to get it right. Labels are a big investment, I hope they are well received when they come out, we think they look great. As always though it’s what’s inside that counts… and so far so good, the recipie of good apples, clean tanks and no additives seems to be working… cider is tasting great!

Finally the storm last weekend had quite an effect on us, not only blowing away any chance to sell at the markets; Burham was a washout and Glastonbury was cancelled. The wind took down a number of large old apple trees and exposed the weakspot in our poor old patchwork roof again! Ah at least spring is here, the hedgerows are looking beautiful with wildflowers and we’re looking forward to all that the month of May will throw us!

Matt Gillett