Everybody loves a bearded lady...

One of the many great joys of working the mobile bar are the people you get to meet, full marks to the lovely ladies from Bruton who decided not to shave their beards for the Packhorse fair. If running out of cider is a crime, then I am guilty on 2 charges, both at the EAT festival in Burnham on Sea and Bruton on bank holiday Monday. Thankyou sunshine and happy cider drinkers!

Then of course the Bath and West, the traditional meeting of the great and good of the cider world at the British Cider championships. No awards this time, however our Crimson King is standing up there with the best of the dry ciders this year. That said, I don’t need cider aficionados to tell me what the people at the markets already know!

And of course it’s elderflower season and the first cordial has been struck, plenty around this year and I seem to have developed elderflower eyes, though it’s not painful. Fortunately our new toy - a 400L pasteurising tank has just been deployed, making the scaling up of our fruit cider operation a reality for the first time. We’re really looking forward to festival season and getting our ciders out there in whatever format we can. I know there is a certain reluctance towards fruit ciders, however if it tastes good, it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and it gets more people drinking cider then personally I can’t see the problem.

We’re back in Ilminster again this weekend with the Bar, and as I look out the window at the rain falling I can only assume that the skies will be empty come Sunday and the sun will shine on us again! Please come along and help us run out of cider!

Matt Gillett