Cider Vampires

I’ve met a few cider vampires the last few weeks, the type that get thirsty when the sun comes out. There are plenty about and we are most thankful to you! To keep up with the increasing demand we have made a few improvements back at the yard, batch pasturing is now possible thanks to a new 400L tank and our giant chiller takes cider from +30 down to 2 degrees in a single pass, these are crucial pieces of kit for our carbonation system and now I can process 10 kegs in a day. (if only bottling wasn’t so laborious!) I finished the last of the racking off last week, pumped though our new inline filter which has removed some of the haze, much of the cider especially the Wizard is yet to completely clear although there is improving clarity and flavour week on week.

We’ve also been busy getting things together for this weekend, and a run of events coming up over August including a new date - the Mid Somerset Show, which, being held in Shepton Mallet i’m very pleased to attend. This weekend however it’s time for our 2nd EAT festival in Crewkerne where Freddie will be on the stand, and also the Somerset Steam and country show in Low Ham. We were invited to attend this year as I have been helping the owners of Netherham farm maintain one of their orchards, the same orchard we picked from last year. This being just down the road from the festival means we have a truly local cider and I do hope it goes down well with the steam enthusiasts!

We’ve also had a couple of occasions to get the speakers out the last few weeks, from a campsite in Cornwall to Russ’s 40th birthday party on the farm. As always the tunes & kegs combo always goes down well and I look forward to hosting something a bit bigger perhaps, watch this space!

Till then keep yer tankards silvered and enjoy the sunshine!

Matt Gillett