Change at Tricky

The major news from the last month is that my business partner Freddie is no longer part of Tricky Cider, and has resigned as director. This was due to a difference in how we felt the business should be run and how the company should grow in the short term. Fortunately the process has been amicable, respectful on good terms and we remain friends. Freddie will be concentrating on his microbrewery, the Blackdown Brewery, currently based at the Holman Clavel which will be up and running again very shortly. I wish him all the best with his business ventures, and I expect we will be collaborating at some point in the future with our respective products, look out for beer from the Blackdown Brewery on the Tricky bar!

I have been hard at work finding new orchards the last few weeks, and the apples I need to recreate the popular Wizard cider next year. The plan again this year is to press at Hecks Cider in Street, and I believe I have sufficient fruit in the surrounding area to make for a good harvest. The orchards are generally looking pretty good, with a few exceptions, the defender is in good working condition and the trailer, apple picker and willing volunteers are ready - we’re going to hit the ground running and make some great new ciders this year!

The pictures below are a little success story.. I pulled this tree back up last winter, now look at it go!

Matt Gillett